That’s a photo of me time traveling to you.

This blog post is a tesseract, a four-dimensional hypercube that, in fictional representations, allows interdimensional travel.

We’re Traveling Through Space and Time Right Now

I’m traveling to you, right now, via this writing.  And you’re traveling to me.

I’m writing this right now.

You’re reading it right now.

We’re each present with each other, right now.

We Are Together, Regardless of the Labels

Granted, I call your right now “the future”.

And you call my right now “the past”.

But those are simply the labels we assign, the names we give.

There is no denying, after all, that it’s right now for both of us.

We are together across space and time.

You’re An Early Adopter 

One day, in the near future, humans will look back at us and say, “How adorable.  They were practicing primitive time travel and didn’t even know it!”.

Except now you know it.

Which means you are on the vanguard, the cutting edge, of great changes coming our way.

As we learn more and more about how our universe really works.

And we become more able to do things once thought impossible. 

Adopt a Cutting Edge Manifesting Lifestyle with Me

Do the impossible right now.

Manifest something of utmost importance to you, as you truly desire.

Health, wealth, love, etc.

The big stuff!

By applying yourself and your intentional manifesting efforts to Quantum Paradigms.

We’ll do it together!