You are energy, temporarily experiencing 3D time-space as a solid object in material reality. 

You are not made of energy.  

If you don’t believe me, enlarge an atom to the size of Yankee Stadium.  You’ll discover that the nucleus of that atom is the size of a fly.

Bear in mind that the nucleus of an atom is 99.9999% of the atom’s solid, tangible matter.  That’s right.  99.9999% of an atom is energy (empty space).

You are energy!

Intentional Manifesting Shows You How to Operate That Squirrel Suit

You, the non-physical, energy portion of your Self, leapt out of the Quantum Field, Ultimate Reality, or God (whatever name you wish to call the all-encompassing energy field from which all of material reality emerges).

You, the energy, leapt into your physical body and is now taking a thrilling, nonstop, high-speed ride called “life as a human being.”

In the starkest terms, you, the energy, are now a Self – hurtling towards death.  Wearing a squirrel suit, which gives your Self some maneuverability. 

But with no parachute.  When this ride is over, your Self is over too!

You’re Free to Live Life With As Little Fear As You Want

But the good news is, the end of this ride is only the end of your Self.  Not the end of you, the energy.

How do I know that?

Because energy cannot be destroyed.  It can only change form.

So manifest your dreams boldly, you have no reason to pretend you’re unimportant nor to play small.  Because when your Self’s time on this earthly world is done, you ain’t going anywhere!