When I was a high school Geography teacher at Louisville’s Central High School, I started the year by asking my classes the 2 most important questions. 

The First Question Is a Really Difficult One

Question one: “Where are you?”

Invariably someone would say “Room 210”, to which I’d respond, “True and where is that?”

“In Louisville, KY”, someone would answer.  And on and on until eventually someone would say, “The universe”.

And then I’d say, “True and where is that?”

The answer, of course, is – where you are depends.  It’s relative and experiential and ultimately unknowable.

The Second Question Isn’t Easy Either

Question two: “What time is it?”

Someone would say, “1:15 PM”, to which I’d respond, “True, but not everywhere.  And not anymore because time has passed since you said that.”

The answer of course, is – what time it is depends on where you are.  So it’s ultimately unfixed and, relatively, unknowable.

The Correct Answers to Those Two Questions

The only accurate way to answer those two questions Is 

You are  right here

And it is right now

Those answers might seem like an attempt at cleverness, but they’re very important to intentional manifestors like you

Because everything else, besides right here and right now, exists in your mind.

All the places and locations, distances, beginnings, endings, minutes, days, years, you, and all of reality, only exist right here and right now.

Those Answers Are of Vital Importance to You, Right Now

None of those things happen in the past nor the future. 

This moment is your only opportunity to manifest a version of you, and all else.  The only opportunity you have to manifest the reality you truly desire

Each experience is your only opportunity to manifest an experience.

Conduct yourself accordingly today within each precious moment you’re given!