When it comes to manifesting your Self in the reality of others, there is a delicate balance between perceived value and actual value.

Perceived value is the meaning and value that others assign to you based on their own unique criteria, while actual value is the ways in which you can positively impact their reality. Both of these factors contribute to how they manifest you, and ultimately, how you manifest your own Self.

As a public-facing entity, you are constantly expected to conduct yourself in a way that aligns with the wants, needs, and desires of others. This can be challenging, especially when others hold the power to assign value to you based on factors that you can’t control.

For example, your age, ethnicity, height, and attractiveness can all play a role in how others perceive your value.

It can be frustrating and even painful when these factors don’t work in your favor, but it’s important to remember that your form, function, meaning, and value are also influenced by factors that you can control. Education, adherence to guidelines, hard work, and professionalism are all examples of things that you can intentionally include in your life to improve your actual value to others.

In the end, it’s important to remember that you hold the power to manifest your own version of reality, regardless of how others may perceive or value you. By focusing on your own efforts and intentions, you can take control of your own form, function, meaning, and value in the eyes of others.

And, as a result, you will be able to manifest the best version of yourself possible.