As human beings, we often take for granted the power that our beliefs hold over our reality.

We go through our daily lives, performing our actions, making decisions, and interacting with the world around us, without truly understanding the role that our beliefs play in shaping the form, function, meaning, and value of our material reality.

But the truth is, our beliefs are the foundation upon which our reality is built. They set the tone, provide the environment, inform our awareness, dictate what everything means, and establish a value for everything in our lives. It is our beliefs that truly set the stage for every performance and every experience we have.

However, the beliefs that shape our reality are not always under our control. Most of the beliefs that we hold were inherited during our early childhood from the caregivers and loved ones who were around us most often. These inherited beliefs can manifest in our lives in ways that are not always desirable, despite our best efforts to change them.

It’s important to understand that material reality is not objective. There is no such thing as “the way it is,” only “the way you manifest it.” Every aspect of reality is subjective to us because our beliefs are what shape its form, function, meaning, and value.

It’s natural to seek confirmation of our reality by comparing it to others. We often ask ourselves, “Do you see and understand this part of reality like I do?” But while it’s natural to wonder if we’re manifesting reality the “right” way, there is no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to how we shape our reality.

Our reality is not based on what pleases or displeases us. If our reality is painful, it doesn’t matter how many others are manifesting it the same way. We have the power to change it and manifest it differently.

It’s crucial to understand the role that our beliefs play in shaping our reality.

By recognizing the power that our beliefs hold, we can take control of them and shape our reality in a way that aligns with our desires and brings us the life that we truly want. We are not at the mercy of our inherited beliefs, but instead, we have the power to manifest a reality that aligns with our true selves.