Yesterday on my run, I started crying. I was feeling grief about holiday season moments that will never return.

Grieving forever-gone Christmas time with my sons when they were small children. And never-to-return Christmas time with my sister and parents when I was a small child.

Every Christmas, I find that grief. I don’t “make it up”, nor do I “go looking for it.” It’s just there. I simply feel and process it This grief isn’t overwhelming, but it starts to feel like I’m being locked into a casket if I don’t feel and process it.

In fact, that “emotional claustrophobia” is a signal that I’ve got some holiday grief to feel and process.

When I feel and process it, which often involves some crying during a run, I can let it go. And focus on making the most of this moment where I am now.

My Body, Like Yours, is an ETS

Our bodies are elegant energy transfer systems. An energy transfer system is a system that transforms one form of energy into another.

The human body transfers, or transforms, the energy of material reality into feelings.

Feelings, those sometimes pesky things we often ignore, because why not? What is the point of indulging in our feelings all the time, anyway? They actually weight us down sometimes – can’t we ever just catch a break from them?

No, we can’t. Because our bodies are constantly, without stop, transforming our material reality into them.

And thank goodness we can’t stop them! Feelings are thermometers for our current beliefs. Revealing how capable, or incapable, they are at manifesting the form, function, meaning, and value of material reality that we truly desire.

How else would you know when you had incapable beliefs (that you inherited, not selected, by the way)?

When you feel and process your feelings, they become shadows of your current beliefs. Shadows you can trace back to their source.

And then use that information to revise your actions, ideas, attitudes, and focus in order to give an even better effort to manifest a desirable version of reality.