Each moment can be your stage, your opportunity to perform your selected actions, ideas, attitudes, and focus.

Aligning yourself, vibrationally, with these opportunities is a daily practice you get to conduct before setting out into the world. To use this component of Intentional Manifesting, simply begin your day by journaling, in free form, about the opportunities provided to you in this moment and any/all that will follow.

Begin your day journaling about how, in each moment, you have the opportunity to be fully present and alive and to give your best efforts to intentionally manifest a desirable version of reality.

Write about how each moment presents you with this opportunity – no matter what circumstances, challenges, problems, and obstacles are currently present.

And, furthermore, write about how this opportunity is given to you with no strings attached; you did not have to earn it nor will you be punished for not taking full advantage of it.

Each moment today is a one-time event, after all, never to return.

Only having access to each moment once, makes each one both rare and precious.