I’m manifesting some parts of my material reality at super-high levels

Health, wealth, love, my self – the big stuff

It’s All About Context

But, and this is important, I’m manifesting them at high levels in comparison to where I started

And in comparison to how I used to manifest them 

As I manifest my desires, you see, my desires grow

So, in practice and in principle, I am still not manifesting my desires as I truly want to 

Because my desires are always growing out of my reach

I’ve Got More Road Ahead – Thankfully!

This is not defeatism

It’s glorious!

If my material reality was always a match with my desires, I wouldn’t be growing

And I’m always capable of growing into a greater version of myself!

Here’s to Never Finishing!

My material reality is usually fulfilling and satisfying

I’m usually happy with it

But I’ve yet to reach a point of “I finally did it!  I’m done!”

Thank goodness!

I’ll bet you’re built the same way