Each manifestation has a unique level of importance to you. 

Each has a unique level of value.  And a unique meaning

Unique to you.

We Can See It

Some manifestations are public facing.

Such as health, wealth, professional success, and fitness, to name a few.

They are public facing because they can usually be seen and identified by others.

Public facing manifestations offer you unique challenges with commensurate rewards.

We Can’t See It

Some manifestations are inward facing.

Like love, fulfillment, faith, and hopefulness, to name a few.

Likewise, they, offer you unique challenges to manifest.  Also with commensurate rewards.

They are more difficult to prove or verify, however.  Thus you can get away with lying about them to others. 

And to yourself.

Start With What Can’t Be Seen

Inward facing manifestations, however, form the basis for great success with public facing manifestations.

Truly manifesting inwardly unlocks as much successful outward manifesting as possible.

So you’re wise to start manifesting your inward desires first and expanding from there.