You’re familiar, I’m sure, with the concept that by correcting your weaknesses, you can be more successful.

If you want to improve your grade point average in school, for example, it’s logical to focus on your weakest subject.

Don’t Invite Anxiety and Stress In!

While logical, however, this approach usually makes you feel more inadequate.  It exasperates your sense of not being enough or not being good enough.

And when you don’t feel not good enough, feelings like anger and discouragement aren’t far behind.

Then anxiety and stress usually follow.

We All Need Motivation, Creativity, and Energy

As you know, once your anxious and stressed motivation is hard to find.  Creativity, a necessity for solutions, also runs dry as a result.

Focusing on shoring up your weaknesses also presents a practical problem.

You only have so much time, energy, and resources.

And you already know how much of those things it takes to get even a little bit better at a weakness.

Make Wise Investments

Spending your most valuable assets on a small return isn’t wise.  The “bang for your buck” with this approach is tiny.

Thus, I’m giving you permission, based on the facts, to abandon this mindset in your manifesting.

Instead – identify your strengths and use your time, energy, and resources on them instead.

You’re Going to Enjoy the Confidence Boost

You’ll be amazed by how that change invigorates your manifesting.

You are more confident, more self-aware, and your productivity soars.

Manifest by diving into your strengths rather than fixing your weaknesses.  Set yourself free!