When you follow form.

When you give your best effort to abide by the best practices and success habits of people manifesting a version of reality you wish to emulate.

Whether you’re just getting started following form, getting back to following it, or improving my form by adding valuable new elements to it.

All three of those acts are usually going to slow you down.  They will slow your pace.

Do It Right (Unless You’re Swimming for Your Life)

But doing it right is infinitely more important than doing it fast.

Unless your swimming away from a shark!

Doing it right, following form instead of trying to go fast, takes commitment.

  • To being in the moment
  • To stretching your wings
  • To learning from your efforts (Instead of being focused on the results)

You Are Performing, But It’s Best Not to Focus on That

Focusing on the results of your efforts is about performance.

Focusing on following form is about effort.

Of course, you are performing.  Meaning that people are paying attention.  And sometimes evaluating you on your results.  Even judging you on them.

Still – Don’t Shy Away From All Expectations

Having important people expect a lot of you is a gift.  Embrace it and consider yourself fortunate if you have people like that in your life.

In fact, if you don’t, do your best to find one.  To find someone willing to invest themselves in helping you manifest your desires.

Embrace Expectations AND Focus on Your Form

But, despite the importance of meeting such expectations.

Unlocking whatever potential for greatness exists within any experience, any aspect of your material reality is best done, consistently, by following form.

Give your best effort to follow form, in each moment. 

And refine your form as you go – based on the evidence – your material reality and your feelings.