Have you ever noticed that when your buttons are pushed, and you find yourself getting defensive, it’s a sign that something within you is uncertain? It’s a revealing moment where an important aspect of your self-identity is in question, not just to others but to yourself as well. The other person’s doubt mirrors your own, and this realization can lead to profound personal growth.

The Importance of Self-Conviction

It’s essential to understand that the person questioning you may not always be right. Depending on their significance in your life, you may feel compelled to prove them wrong. It’s perfectly reasonable to do everything ethically, legally, and morally in your power to convince those important to you that you are who you claim to be.

While giving your best to demonstrate your qualities may not always yield the desired results, the real treasure lies in the inner journey. By addressing what you question about yourself, as indicated by your defensiveness, you embark on a path of guaranteed personal growth.

You regain control over your inner development by simply asking, “What about me is being questioned?” This question empowers you to navigate your inner world and resolve any incongruence between your self-perception and others’ feedback.

A Practical Example

Imagine you’re in an argument with your partner, and something they said has ignited your anger. First and foremost, prioritize your safety and wellness while maintaining healthy boundaries. Then, conduct the experiment by asking yourself, “What about me is being questioned?” Let’s say your response is, “My honesty is being questioned here.”

Use your honest answer as a blueprint for action.

Create a plan to convince yourself that you are, indeed, honest. Perhaps you need to communicate your thoughts more clearly, without letting pity cloud your message. Maybe it’s time to stop justifying or rationalizing your perspective. Whatever it is, your honest response will guide you toward reconciling the incongruence between your self-perception and external feedback.

The Power of Self-Conviction

As you commit to becoming the person you believe yourself to be, you’ll notice a shift in energy. The palpable energy of your authenticity and self-conviction speaks louder than mere words. This approach not only helps you reconcile defensiveness but also reveals whether someone is genuinely an ally or merely a detractor.

At the end of the day, convincing yourself is the most crucial step. When you embody the qualities and traits you wish to convey, others usually follow suit.

The journey of self-conviction is a powerful path to personal growth, and it’s all you need to be who you truly want to be.