What drives me to intentionally manifest my reality? It comes down to three things and they’re actually simple.

Number One: I figure, since I’m going to perform on a stage set by my beliefs in each moment of my life anyway, I might as well give my best effort to align my incapable inherited beliefs with my desires.

Why wouldn’t I? I’m going to be on stage either way.

Number Two: I figure, I’m going to be alive in each moment of this day, I may as well prepare myself to perform in each of them by aligning myself, vibrationally, with those opportunities.

Why not? Those opportunities are coming my way in each moment today, whether I’m prepared for them or not.

Number Three: I figure, since I’m going to be performing publicly in each moment today, and people will evaluate me on my performances, I might as well make the best decisions about my actions, ideas, attitudes, and focus and give my best effort to follow through on them.

Why would I not do that? Since there’s no opt out and even choosing not to perform is still a type of performance.

Take the easy way out! 😉 Manifest your reality intentionally!