My schedule is overloaded this week:

Buying presents, walking the dogs, returning a gift, volunteering at Bridgehaven, interviewing PR candidates, getting a haircut, attending a close friend’s mother’s funeral, finishing writing my new book, wrapping gifts, recording and editing my podcast, writing and recording my newsletter, writing blog posts, visiting with my parents, spending time with my sons, spending time with my wife, raking and mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, going for runs, decorating the house…

“Ahhhhh! Look at everything I have to do! It’s too much; I’m shutting down.”

Stress! Too much to do!

I’ve been there plenty of times. And, with that list being only part of my real-life itinerary this week, I’ve been tempted to react that way again.

I haven’t yet, though. Why not?

It’s not because I know everything will be fine, while I’m in the middle of it. Logically, past experience definitely suggests everything will be okay. But, when I get stressed out with an overloaded schedule, I am usually not feeling that.

It’s not because the overload isn’t real. Honestly, there’s too much. Which means some of the things on my schedule will get less attention than they might’ve otherwise.


The main reason I’ve not been overwhelmed is because I’m a diehard devotee of daily vibrational alignment. Each morning, I begin my day by writing myself into alignment with the opportunities I’m provided, in each moment, to intentionally manifest my reality.

Each moment is my stage, upon which I get to perform. Intentionally manifesting, to the best of my ability, a version of reality aligned with my desires. That priceless opportunity is given to me with no strings attached, it is mine to do with it what I will.

Being aligned with my opportunities doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be the most productive Greg possible. It doesn’t mean I’ll rock my whole list with aplomb. What it means is that I create the best potential for doing so.

Vibrational alignment always creates the greatest possibility for me to manifest a version of reality in line with my true desires.

Especially when I have too much on my plate!