We recently watched the movie, “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” and I highly recommend it.

The movie dives, headfirst, into the multi-verse.  A quantum concept that the Law of Attraction Science Guy (me) adores.

With it’s zany antics and frenetic pace, you’ll be highly entertained while being inspired during its inspiring journey.

In the Multiverse There Are an Infinite Number of You’s

In “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once”, we learn that splinter universes branch off with each decision you make.  Each of these infinite splinter universes are just as real as the one you currently inhabit, but the “you” in each one is different.

The protagonists of “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” are able to instill any extraordinary abilities another version of you possesses (that you, in this universe, do not). 

For example, the main character is able to “download” the black-belt karate skills of another version of herself.

Be the Most Sought After Version of You

After the movie, my wife and I talked for quite a while about its quantum concepts. 

I told her that, although I can’t currently borrow abilities from any of the other versions of “Greg Kuhn”, I’m going to start playing a game inspired by “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.”

I’m investing myself in being the best version of Greg Kuhn in all my affairs, thoroughly enough that another version of me would want to come borrow one of my honed abilities.

Please join me in manifesting such a version of yourself today.  

It’s a lot of fun!