As we expand our understanding of quantum science, we don’t just become better users of that science, we also become more apt learners. Our paradigms grow; we can conceptualize more advanced ideas. 

Thus, humans don’t just learn new facts, we also discover how to learn differently and more efficiently.  Human evolution and growth has, in fact, been like a snowball rolling downhill.

The pace of change and growth is blinding compared to what our parents experienced merely twenty years ago.

We’re Not Just Smarter, We’re More Capable

As we grow and change, we become more capable receivers of the information being shared with us. As we gain more knowledge of the quantum world, for example, our paradigms change and we become more capable students for our teachers.

Our minds are becoming better receptacles to perceive this new information; we have a rapidly growing context and frame of reference for more complex information about this universe and how humans can function in it at highly satisfying levels.

This Is Your Time, Your Moment

Is it too presumptuous, therefore, to suggest that this time in our history might represent the moment when humans began to better understand what is being shared with us about intentional manifestation?

And could this mark the moment in time that we begin to actively and intentionally participate in this communication? Participating in the ways we can, while still bound by our current rules of time and space?

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

For example, while we do not yet understand gravity’s transcendent quantum secrets, can we can still use our knowledge of its properties right now? Simply because we know gravity has the ability to transcend time and space, can we use what we know to improve our life experiences in this present moment?

I contend that we can. And, in fact, we have already begun to do so.

Right here, right now.  Stay tuned for more!