There are 3 rules of manifesting that apply to you, me, and all others.

1. You manifest your reality. A reality wholly unique to you. So unique it wouldn’t exist without you.

2. There is no option to opt-out of the first rule. Manifesting our reality is what humans do. If you didn’t there would be no reality – for you.

3. You can choose how you manifest your reality. You can choose to manifest your reality by default. Or you can manifest your reality more intentionally.

Default and Intentional Manifesting Are Very Similar

Both ways of manifesting your reality call for you to follow good direction, give your best effort, and work hard.

The main difference between them is that Default Manifesting doesn’t involve aligning your beliefs with your desires. Or using methods of aligning your beliefs that don’t work.

Intentional Manifesting, on the other hand, has aligning your beliefs at its foundation.

And They Each Have Good Uses

Default Manifesting is a good choice when your reality is consistently pleasing. When your existing beliefs are capable of manifesting your desires.

While Intentional Manifesting is the better choice when it’s not. When your existing beliefs are incapable.

Just don’t get them mixed up and use the wrong one!