Disrupting the status quo is often unnerving. Change is usually unsettling at best and can be frightening at worst.

Unfamiliar people, places, and things aren’t typically sought after when you desire pleasing experiences with your reality.

Familiarity and routines, on the other hand, usually foster reliability predictable experiences.

Sometimes We Still Don’t Want to Change

Truth be told, familiar pain is sometimes preferable to unknown pain. That’s why we say, “It takes what it takes before we’re willing to change.”

If you’ve had enough familiar pain to be willing to disrupt the status quo, in the service of alleviating it – congratulations! The hardest part is over; you can now join in the solution of it.

Sometimes You Can Actually Celebrate Pain

Whatever you’ve been doing, or not doing, that has brought you to your state of willingness is not your enemy. Don’t hate on yourself for it and don’t revile the things that got you here.

Don’t glorify those things, of course. You want, and need, to make changes here.

But thank those missteps, and yourself for taking them, because without every bit of that pain, you would probably still be clinging to that awful status quo.