A human has actually, literally, time-traveled before. 

In 2015, a Russian cosmonaut named Gennady Padalka returned to Earth after a world-record 879 days in space.  During his time in space, he traveled fast enough that when he returned he was 1/44 of a second younger than the rest of us here.

When he stepped foot on Earth again, Gennady Padalka time-traveled 1/44 of a second into the future.

Traveling One Second Into the Future Isn’t Extraordinary

Who cares about traveling 1 second into the future?  You can do that right now by just sitting there

But what if you could time travel years into the future?

You’d be your current age, but everyone and everything else would be so much older in relation.

For you, it would still be right now.  And, for everyone else, it would also be right now.

You’d simply have a different perspective of this moment then everyone else.

Time Travel Might Not Be All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Of course, you wouldn’t have the benefit of having lived all those moments leading up to your emergence in the future.

And, thus, you would have missed all those opportunities to intentionally manifest your reality.

You wouldn’t inherit all the experiences you would’ve had, after all.

Instead of Time Traveling, Let’s Make the Most of Right Now

As a time traveler, no matter where you might end up – In the future or in the past – it would still always be right now.

So let’s both be fully present right now. 

And live our lives intentionally, manifesting our desires to the best of our abilities in the only place we can – right here!