Wanna have some fun with something deep? I shed tears over these 2 songs, recently, during a run.

I listened to Brandi Carlile sing Wilder (We’re Chained) as Energy-Greg singing to my body.

Listen to it the same way.

Hear Energy-You reassure your body, soothing its fears of being left behind.

And feel your body’s visceral relief as you serenade it.

video preview

Next, from the same Brandi Carlile album (The Firewatcher’s Daughter), listen to your body sing a love song to Energy-You.

I Belong to You

Sing along, as your body, and feel how much love your body has for Energy-You.

The song ends in celebration because your body’s love is such a joyful experience.

video preview

I hope you get as much out of listening as I did!