You, me, and all humans have 3 access points, where you have the most leverage over your reality. Actually, let’s call them 3 pinch points. And I say “pinch points,” because they’re where you find your pain when life throws you unexpected or unwanted circumstances.

Pinch Point Number One: How you manifest your reality. I’m referring to your current (inherited) beliefs. Your beliefs manifest the form, function, meaning, and value of your reality.

Pinch Point Number Two: How you prepare to engage with your reality. I’m referring to your vibrational alignment with the opportunities you have, in each moment, to engage with your reality. Opportunities you are either vibrationally aligned with or not.

Pinch Point Number Three: How you engage your with reality. You, of course, get to choose your actions, ideas, attitudes, and focus in each moment. And following through on those decisions is how you engage with your reality.

Each of those pinch points provides you powerful access to influence your reality. Using only one of them can make a huge difference. Leverage all three, to the best of your ability, though, and you’re changing your life!

Join me, today, is doing just that!