Manifestors often make the mistake of focusing on nouns at the expense of verbs.

But always pay attention to verbs – they are your aiming point for performance.

Why I’m a “Verb Nut”

I am a verb nut. 

  • Verbs, or actions, take care of low-hanging manifesting fruit
  • Verbs, or actions, have a large effect size
  • Verbs, or actions, are something you have control over giving your best effort at

Verbs and Nouns Are Different

Let’s look at desiring “Wealth” versus desiring “Money/Greater Income”

Being “wealthy” is something you are.

Acquiring “Money/Greater Income” is something you do  

“Wealthy” is a noun = a word used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things or to name a particular one of these

“Money/Greater Income” (like the other 3 on your Mount Rushmore of Manifesting Wealth) is a verb = a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence

Verbs and Nouns Are Both Essential to Manifesting

Nouns speak to content

Verbs speak to performance

Content and performance are both vital for an intentional manifestor seeking to manifest more pleasing versions of reality

First – make sure your manifesting goal is a noun.  My technique of creating a personal Mount Rushmore of Manifesting does this for you.

Then manifest your noun using verbs. 

Giving your best effort to follow form for each of the four experiences on your personal Mount Rushmore of Manifesting does this for you.