You and I are swimming in a giant pool of energy.

“Swimming” being a metaphor, in this case, for manifesting your reality.

Swimming through it, as we navigate 3D time-space and experience life as a human being.

Fill the Pool Yourself, Rather Than Swim In Someone Else’s Energy

One of my favorite things about being human, about spending this time swimming, is our ability to fill the pool however we choose.

You and I get to fill the pool we’re swimming in with whatever type of energy we decide.

By being intentional about our energy state.

Or, said another way, by being intentional about our emotional state.

It’s Not Difficult to Fill Your Pool

You and I have the ability, and the opportunity, today to align ourselves vibrationally with our desires.

I start each day by vibrationally aligning myself with my desires by journaling.  Other methods might involve meditation, yoga, or quiet time.

And, in this way, we can intentionally fill our pools with energy of our choosing.  We can swim in the energy we want to, rather than the energy that is dumped on us.

All It Takes Is a Few Moments of Your Time to Fill Your Pool

You don’t need to pump yourself up to get yourself aligned vibrationally with your desires. 

Although that’s a fun outcome, all you need do is get yourself in energetic alignment with your opportunity, today, to more intentionally manifest a version of reality more aligned with your desires for it. 

And your opportunity, today, to learn and grow from the reality you see and experience.

From there, the sky is the limit!