I’m sometimes surprised by how vociferously someone will argue for their limitations.  

Regardless of how logical or appropriate a new idea may be.  Irrespective of how plausible too.  People sometimes vigorously demand, “No!  That is not the way it is.  It just can’t work like that.”

I Will Never Have Influence!

Here is an example, from an exchange I had with a student at my high school this year:

Student: (Walking into the lunchroom) “It sure is a beautiful day outside!”

Me: “Yes.  And isn’t it cool that we can make any day, no matter the weather, beautiful too.”

Student: “No we can’t.  Some days are awful.”

Me: “What if I told you I think today is awful.  You say it’s beautiful.  Who is correct?”

Student: “We both are.  Because it’s our opinion.”

Me: “We are both right, yet we are both truly looking at the same exact day and calling it two different things, right?”

Student: “Yep.”

Me: “Then where does the day’s quality of being ‘beautiful’ or ‘awful’ come from?”

Student: “From each of us.”

Me: “Then doesn’t that mean that you, or I, can make a different decision about whether a day, or almost anything, is ‘beautiful’ or ‘awful’, if we want to?”

Student: “No.  When something is awful, that’s the way it is.”

New Ideas, Backed Up by Science, Is Where It’s At (For Me)

I am not trying mock that student.  I’ve been that person before!  

But rejecting an appropriate application of a new Quantum Paradigm, when it could obviously be applied to immediately improve a material experience, makes no sense to me.  

What do you have to lose by trying out a new idea? 

Be Open to It and, Odds Are, You’ll Experience it

That’s the beauty of being you. 

You may not jump at every new idea, but you’re not anchored to the status quo either. 

You remain open to increasing the level of influence you exert upon your material experiences.  You seek to hack your reality.

Let’s both agree to not be like that student today!

And, just like that famous quote from the movie, Field of Dreams (“If you build it, he will come”), I assure you “If you’re open to it, it will come.”