There is sometimes nothing more thrilling than watching a skilled illusionist confound our eyes with magic. 

Being fooled by watching someone levitate or disappear is great fun.

Some Illusions Are Not Always Helpful

Yet some illusions may not be as beneficial.

Case in point, the illusion that you and I are separate from, and have no power over, the material world we experience every day. 

The illusion that life happens “to” us.

Although They May Remain Necessary

That illusion is a necessary one.  Thinking that we are separate from all else allows us to experience life as a human being. 

If we weren’t born with this illusion, we’d simply always be what we really are – energy from the quantum field which has temporarily taken a concrete form in a human body.

And what fun would that be? 

Our Foundation for Life in 3D Time-Space

Because without the illusion of separateness we wouldn’t have the amazing opportunities afforded all humans:

To awaken to our divine nature and our divine creative powers and abilities. 

But, just as with any illusion, you can pull the veil back today and reunite with your true essence.  And your true power. 

You can remember what and who you really are.

Remember to Keep Looking Beyond the Illusion

And when you release this illusion, today, you can align your energy with your desires. 

By taking control of your beliefs, you will be doing just that. 

And your opportunities to consciously create a world which reflects your dreams and desires will fully and fragrantly blossom.

Let’s do it together, right here!