Our material reality is a powerful collaborator in the manifestation of our Selves. It reflects our importance, worth, value, meaning, and efficacy back to us in each moment. A pleasing version of reality usually means our Self is good enough, while a painful version of it often reveals inadequacies.

It’s important to remember, however, that a large portion of our material reality is the product of inherited childhood beliefs. While many of these beliefs are capable of manifesting a pleasing reality, as evidenced by the best parts of our lives, when reality becomes too painful, it means we inherited some incapable beliefs.

It’s also important to be mindful of these inherited beliefs and how they shape our material reality.

Sometimes, there’s nothing we can do about certain painful experiences, like the death of a loved one. But in other areas of our lives, the pain may seem unnecessary. For example, feeling alone in a marriage doesn’t have to be the norm.

By being aware of these inherited beliefs and being honest with ourselves about what is truly necessary pain and what is not, we can take steps to manifest the reality we truly desire. It’s important to remember that our material reality is not always in control and we have the power to shape it through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.