I’ve written and lived my beliefs into full vibrational alignment with my desire to write my next book.  Perhaps you’ve followed me on my latest journey up my Emotional Reference Chart?  As I’ve chronicled it for you on MANIFEST the Big Stuff?

I Started at the “Bottom”, But I’m Here! (Just Like Every Trip Up My Emotional Reference Chart)

Either way, I’m here!  I started at the emotional perspective of Worry and Nervousness (because that’s how I really felt about writing my next book).  And I’m now legitimately feeling Love and Ecstasy about it!

This is a truly exciting emotional perspective to hold.  About any desire, let alone my desires to write my next book.  

From here I see and understand many more opportunities than I did from previous, less-aligned emotional perspectives.  I have enough opportunities that it’s not difficult to get distracted from my main objective (writing my book).  So many, in fact, that I can get a little overwhelmed by them all.

Opportunity Can Set You Free (But First It Might Put You Off)

Overwhelmed?  By opportunity?  

Yep.  Because the best opportunities all arise from the same source: problems.  The greater the opportunity; the larger the problem it solves.

Of course, the good news is that this axiom works in reverse too. 

Which makes a powerful life hack:  If you want to easily spot a great opportunity, identify a big problem.