Brandi Carlile The Firewatchers’s Daughter

Last week I shared about listening to two Brandi Carlile songs.

On my run yesterday, I started singing one of them (I Belong to You) to my Self.

“I know I could be spending a little too much time with you

But time and too much don’t belong together like we do

If I had all my yesterdays I’d give ’em to you too

I belong to you now

I belong to you”

And it struck me that I really do belong to you. In your reality, at least.

My form, function, meaning, and value in your reality is manifested by you. By your beliefs, specifically, which manifest those aspects of your reality.

And your actions, ideas, attitudes, and focus concerning me, in your reality, are all completely up to you.

I really do belong to you!

All I can do is be trustworthy, invested in you, and know what I’m talking about. The rest is up to you.

As someone who belongs to others and as someone to whom others belong – carry that energy into your relationships today.