My family and I recently spent 2 weeks in Scotland.  A trip of a lifetime for us (and one I was low-key dreading for a while before going).

I am no stranger to travel anxiety and this trip checked all those boxes for me.

I Was Nervous About What Was Required of Me

Unlike the Louisville, KY version of “Greg Kuhn”, the Scotland version needed to be

  • A leader of our team of 6
  • And a member of our team of 6
  • A team that was constantly hustling
  • Amid new and challenging circumstances and surroundings 
  • Every day and almost every moment

All 6 of us needed to be that Scotland version of ourselves. 

Whether we really wanted to or not.

This is How I Manifested a Trip of a Lifetime 

Though challenging, I was very successful with being the Scotland version of “Greg Kuhn.”

As were each member of our 6-person team.

The following allowed me to manifest the best possible Scotland version of “Greg Kuhn” 

  • Journaling, each day, to align myself vibrationally with my desired version of reality
  • Recording media for TikTok and YouTube
  • Listening a lot and keeping my mouth shut when I noticed anger or anxiety
  • Rolling with the punches
  • Focusing on the present
  • And, especially, remembering that these moments were ones that I would undoubtedly wish I could experience again, some day, when I’m older.  So, instead of focusing on all the things that were wrong (or could go wrong), I focused on being a part of these experiences right now, while I’m having them

Using those strategies, I was able to manifest a wonderful trip of a lifetime.  And a new, more skilled and capable version of “Greg Kuhn.”

I highly recommend you do likewise, if you, too, find yourself anxious over a new experience you’re about to have.