Life is full of unexpected moments, like cars zooming past you during your peaceful run. In those moments, fear and anger can easily take over. But what if we told you that you have the power to change the meaning of those encounters?

It all starts with asking yourself some tough questions and being emotionally honest. Let’s explore how giving your best effort can transform these situations and lead to self-discovery.

Changing What It Means

When a car rushes past you during your run, it’s easy to get scared and angry. But here’s the twist: you can’t change the driver’s actions, but you can change what those actions mean to you.

Start by asking yourself, “How certain am I that I deserve a slow down and wide berth?” (Other than deserving it out of basic human consideration – which you do, of course!) This question helps you reassess the situation from a different perspective.

In those moments of frustration, you might find yourself thinking, “Am I as real as I think I am?” It’s a powerful question that delves into the authenticity of your being. How are you measuring your realness, and are you living in accordance with that measurement? Be courageously honest with yourself as you explore your true self.

Am I Giving My Best Effort?

As long as you can answer “yes” to the question, “Am I giving my best effort?” you know that the situation was created by the driver’s lack of awareness. Perhaps they failed to recognize the type of human being they were passing by. If your answer is “no,” let it serve as a reminder to put forth your best effort in every aspect of your life.

Lastly, evaluate how certain you are that you deserve what you desire in that moment. Are you measuring your worth by objective standards and best practices? By giving it your best effort, you align your actions with your desires and create a path to fulfillment.

Giving your best effort isn’t just about external actions; it’s also about how you interpret and respond to life’s challenges. The next time a car rushes past you during your run, remember to change the meaning of the encounter, recognize your authentic self, and evaluate whether you are giving your best effort.

These moments of self-discovery can lead you to a more fulfilling and authentic life.