Much of your life is full of public facing results, where everyone can see whether or not you’re being successful.  And, of course, you can see that too.

So, based on all the curveballs life throws at you, it’s important to have a reliable way of self evaluation, other than the unambiguous feedback of, “Did I manifest it or not?”

What Do You Ask Yourself When Your Reality is Displeasing?

When your material reality isn’t going well for you, it’s kinder to ask, “Am I giving my best effort to follow form right now?”

“Form”, for intentional manifestors, being the best practices and success habits of someone manifesting a version of reality you’d like to emulate.

And that question isn’t just kinder, it’s also a legitimate tool that will keep you in the solution or put you right back into the solution again. 

Whether It’s “Yes” or “No”, You’re Covered

When your answer to whether or not you’re giving your best effort to follow form right now is “No”, start following form. Right now.  It really is that simple.

And when your answer is “Yes”, you know you’re already doing all you can and you don’t need to beat yourself up for the results of your efforts.  If they’re a little less stellar than you desire at the moment. 

Put Down the Stick; Pick Up the Form

Instead of beating yourself up in those conditions or sarcastically saying, “Here we go again, another failure!”, commit to revising, improving, and expanding your form as soon as you can. 

In this way, form is the best private, internal measuring tool for intentional creators.