Feeling are the shadows of our beliefs.

Your beliefs manifest the form, function, meaning, and value of your material reality. How you feel about any aspect of your reality, then, is a shadow of the beliefs which manifested it.

Following that shadow back to its source teaches you about your incapable inherited beliefs. It allows you to learn invaluable information about how you can better align them with your desires. And it even provides first-class ideas for how you can give better effort following good instructions for manifesting your desires.

Following the shadow back to their source, and learning all that, only requires one thing of you: feel and process your feelings. When you feel your feelings and process them, they become a breadcrumb trail to even deeper concerns that have been sitting there, inside you, unfelt and unprocessed.

Follow the Shadows

Feel your feelings and then process them physically.

And if you’ve ever worried about “making your feelings real” by feeling them – stop! Your feelings are already real, they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t. Feeling and processing them is what makes then go away.

In fact, feeling and processing feelings is the only thing that makes them disappear. Ironically, the way your feelings become “real” (or start to haunt and torment you) is by NOT feeling them.

After following the shadow and discovering deeper concerns? Feel and process the deeper concerns next. And guess what will happen with them? They, too, will become a breadcrumb trail to even deeper concerns.

Keep Following and Feeling Until It’s About You, Alone

Don’t stop unearthing deeper concerns. And don’t stop feeling & processing each. At least not until you arrive at concerns that are only about yourself. Concerns like, “I’m scared this means I’m not enough” or “I’m worried this means I’m not worthy.”

(Bear in mind that these concerns aren’t about “You” because “You” are energy. Eternal and infinite. Rather, these concerns are about yourself – or, more precisely written, your “Self”)

Resolve those deepest concerns about your Self and you’ll manifest new, heretofore unimagined, versions of reality. Reality as you’ve dreamed about it!