Carl Jung once wrote, “Life is a short pause between two great mysteries.”

My guess is that you are here for the same reason I am – to make the most of this short pause. The mysteries can wait!

But what makes this pause so special? What about this part of our journey is so compelling to us? I contend it’s desire.

Desire Is An Important Part of This Short Pause

Desire is only possible here, on this Earthly world. Why? Because, here, you are separate from all else. Thus, there is distance between you and all else.

With distance comes the potential for absence, with absence comes the potential for longing, and with longing comes desire.

Desire is our “carrot on the stick”, beckoning us to take the journey necessary to manifest it. Desire “tricks” you into aligning your incapable inherited beliefs into alignment with it.

And into giving your best effort to follow good instructions for manifesting it.

The Trick Is Fantastic – Let Yourself Fall for It!

I write “tricks” because you don’t really need most of your desires. You want them. They promise to make your life better and confer fulfillment upon you.

Desires do that. But it’s not attaining a desire that brings a more fulfilling life, it’s the journey you’re on to manifest it.

So fall for the trick!

Align your beliefs and give your best efforts; make your short pause as special as it can be!