While running the other day, I had a remarkable moment where the muscles in my back engaged precisely as the music I was listening to reached its crescendo.

In that instant, a thought sparked within me: Did the music influence my muscles, or did my muscles influence the music?

Is It Coming or Going?

At first, it may seem like a preposterous question. However, let’s consider Einstein’s Relativity Theory. According to this theory, when an object falls to the Earth, it is equally valid to say that the Earth rises up to meet that object.

The same principle applies to our life experiences. As we move toward them, they move toward us in turn.

You Can Be Intentional About What and How You Move

But here’s a crucial point: We are not obligated to move toward every experience that comes our way. While we may not be able to avoid certain experiences, we have the power to choose whether or not we actively engage with them.

While this may not always prevent unwanted experiences from occurring, being intentional about the ones you choose to pursue grants you a unique authority.

Being In the Driver’s Seat Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Be Challanged

This power may not instantly solve all your problems, but it will equip you with the necessary mindset, actions, and attitudes to face them head-on.

For instance, when you engage in efforts to make a positive change, you can consciously move toward the experience of helping others. By aligning your focus with assisting and uplifting others, you establish a reliable litmus test to guide your thoughts, actions, and attitudes throughout your journey of making a difference.

It Means You’ll Be Best Equiped to Handle the Challange

As I reflect on my question from that run, the answer becomes clear: Both the music and my muscles influenced one another.

Life experiences operate in a similar way. Embrace the understanding that your experiences are not solely dictated by external forces. Instead, do your best to harness this reciprocity and allow life experiences to work in harmony with you.

Get In the Flow; Dance the Dance

Today, I encourage you to seize the power of choice. Take charge of the experiences you embrace, shaping your path with intention and purpose. Though challenges may arise, remember that the true power lies in how you respond to them. By actively choosing which experiences to move toward, you pave the way for personal growth, fulfillment, and resilience.

Embrace the dance of life experiences and let it inspire you to create a harmonious symphony of moments. With every step, know that you have the power to shape your journey and make a positive impact. Trust in the interconnectedness of life, and may your intentional choices lead you towards a life filled with joy, purpose, and extraordinary experiences.