Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is ignore me.

When I’m not aligned with the opportunities being presented to me in the moment, I can be an ass.  Or inconsiderate.  Or dismissive. 

Or any number of states of being associated with someone who is wounded or not at the top of their game.

Don’t Ever Expect Yourself to Be Flawless

I trust I’m not alone.  We all have moments worse than others.  Moments we’re not proud of.  

Here’s what I’ve noticed about that.

When I am out of sorts, I’m almost always in a place where life’s problems are clearly in focus.  At the expense of its opportunities.

And, when that’s happening for you, you should really cut yourself some slack.

Want to Spot Great Opportunities?

Here’s what I mean.

Aligning yourself with the opportunities you have today, in this moment and all that will follow, is your most valuable morning task.  I do it by journaling.

In each moment, you have the opportunity to be fully present and alive.  And to give your best effort to intentionally manifest a version of reality that you truly desire.  And these priceless opportunities are given to you with no strings!

Seeing and understanding opportunities, however, doesn’t make the problems disappear.  To the contrary, problems are the birthplace of opportunities.

Find the Big Problems!

Aligning yourself vibrationally simply means you see the problems AND the opportunities.  

And problems are usually scary.  That’s why you label them “problems” in the first place! 

So cut yourself some slack!