Yesterday, on my run, things got difficult.  That’s not unusual.  It happens, on and off, throughout a run.

I noticed how hot I was while I was running up a long hill.  In that moment, I was awash in discouragement.

And I dreamt of my run being over.  Or standing behind my car, drinking cold water and feeling good about being finished.

I Love Getting There!

In other words, for a moment, I was focused on getting there.  “There”, in this case, being the end of my run.

And, in fact, getting there is amazing.

It means I accomplished something important to me.  Something valuable for my health and fitness, both physical and emotional.

I achieved my goal.  I ran!

Being Here Is What Makes Me Love Getting There

And, in that moment of discouragement, when I was dreaming about getting there, I also remembered

That what makes “there” so great, is being here.

“Here”, in this case, being this step.  This use of my muscles and my breathing, in this moment, to hold my body up and move it forward through space.

I remembered that, although getting there is awesome, the real value is in being here.

Be Here, Not There, Right Now

Please join me in focusing on being here today, in lieu of getting there.

You’ll be reminded that fully being here is actually the surest way to get there!