Vibrationally aligning yourself each morning is at the heart of intentionally manifesting a reality more aligned with your true desires.  Doing so is like setting the stage, intentionally, to support your chosen play before you perform it.

All it takes is freeing up 10 – 20 minutes each morning to sit quietly (as possible) and write yourself into alignment.  Given your ability to do that for yourself, 99% of the time, why wouldn’t you?

What kind of actor, after all, would choose to perform on a stage that has been randomly arranged?  A stage set up for an unspecific play is definitely not a best practice.  Not for an actor who cares deeply about their play being successful – like you do!

Should You Align Yourself with a Specific Manifestation?

It’s important, however, to specify what you’re vibrationally aligning yourself with.

Are you aligning yourself with a specific manifestation of reality?  A specific outcome?  Not a recommended approach, simply because of how much impact and influence all the other people, places, and things of this earthly world have upon your results. 

Your reality is affected by things outside your control every day.  Attempting to align yourself, solely, with certain, specific outcomes can prove to be a setup for disappointment and discouragement. 

Align Yourself with a Specific Opportunity – This One!

A much better approach is to align yourself with the opportunities presented to you today, in each moment.  The opportunities to be fully alive and present, in each moment, and intentionally manifest a version of reality more aligned with your desires.

Those opportunities are given to you with no strings attached, after all.  There is no governing body, outside yourself, punishing you or rewarding you for whether or not you fully take advantage of each opportunity.

And those opportunities are not unlimited, either.  So, considering that this moment is the only place you can manifest your version of reality, each of these opportunities is priceless.

This Opportunity is Powerful and Limited

Align yourself, vibrationally, with your powerful and priceless opportunities today to more intentionally manifest a version of reality you truly desire.