Each morning I align myself with the opportunities presented to me that day.

What opportunities? The opportunities given to me, in each moment, to intentionally manifest my reality.

What does it mean to intentionally manifest my reality? Good question!

It most assuredly does not mean “manifest my reality perfectly.” Although that is a goal and a wonderful outcome, that is not what it means to intentionally manifest reality.

I say that because if manifesting my reality intentionally was about doing it perfectly, I’d be setting myself up for a lifetime of constant downers.

Why? Because there are simply too many factors, outside of my control, that influence my material reality.

I don’t get the opportunity to manifest material reality in a vacuum! No one does.

But I do get the opportunity to manifest material reality intentionally. Which simply means that I get the opportunity, in each moment of this day, to give my best effort to manifest it as I truly desire.

In each moment today, I have the opportunity to do my best to manifest a version of reality that serves and pleases me.

As I did the day before, I am out here taking advantages of these opportunities today. I hope you take great advantage of them today, too!