I’ve been manifesting a very fit physique for a while now.

To manifest something by making it apparent to your eyes is rightly called an accomplishment.  As an intentional manifestor, accomplishments are highly desirable outcomes.

The Best Part of an Accomplishment

The best part of an accomplishment?

Is it actually having the “thing” that you set out to get?  

  • Does the “thing” make your life easier?
  • Does it improve your quality of life? 
  • Does the “thing” help you take care of yourself and others better?

Hopefully, you will answer “Yes” to all three questions

An Accomplishment Changes Your Life

Does the “thing” change who you are, though? 

Does it satisfy you? 

Does the “thing” put your pain to rest?

No, the “thing” does not satisfy your desires forever.  Maybe momentarily, but you will continue to have desires in this area of your life.  You will eventually even have new desires for a greater version of the “thing”.

And, no, the “thing” does not put your pain to rest.  Maybe for a little while, but you will continue to notice other things that your life lacks.  You will long for absent things again, in this area of your life.

How an Accomplishment Changes Your Life

But an accomplishment definitely does two things for you, every time.  

The second best thing an accomplishment does for you is change how others see you.

And the best thing an accomplishment does for you is changes how you see “You”.

You Create “You” 

Your Self creates “You” (in cooperation with your physical body, other people’s feedback, and your material reality). 

That’s right –  the term “yourself” is literal.  

You have an idea, an image, of who you are – what you stand for, what your value is, what you do (and don’t do), what you mean, how you spend your time, and what you’re worth.

Accomplishments accentuate that idea and flesh out your image of “You” in powerfully positive ways.

Use and Celebrate Accomplishments 

Don’t count on accomplishments to put your desires to rest, once and for all. 

But do allow them to bolster your ongoing intentional creation of “You”!