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Meet your Intentional Manifesting Coach

Greg Kuhn is a professional Intentional Manifesting coach, author, and speaker who has taught others how to “hack their realities” for almost two decades. As the author of best-selling manifestation books, podcast host, and coach, Greg loves helping others live the lives they’ve always wanted through his careful guidance and Intentional Manifesting education.

Greg is known as the Law of Attraction “Science Guy” for his specialized education surrounding the science behind manifestation, which he uses to help people around the world understand that the Law of Attraction isn’t “woo woo”; it’s a proven principle of the Universe that really works! He’s not only experienced the real-life impact of Intentional Manifesting himself but has also helped countless others feel its power for themselves!


“I’ve known and worked with Greg for years.  And I’ve enjoyed building and creating important projects together.  Greg is a great listener, adept at finding hidden solutions, and is easy to work with.  The fact that he is energetic, kind, and humorous are simply bonuses!”

Vidya Ravichandran

President, Glow Touch Technologies

Whether you’ve already been implementing the Law of Attraction for some time and want to improve your practice, or you’re completely new to it (maybe even a skeptic), Greg Kuhn fantastic educational resources provide everything you need for the life you truly desire – but especially the “big stuff,” like:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Fitness
  • Careers
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Wellness

If you’re interested in booking Greg for a speaking opportunity, would like to avail of his coaching services, or have questions about an upcoming course, please contact him today!

Greg has an unique ability to see and understand things differently.

Ben Breier – CEO, Kindred Healthcare

I can’t recommend working with Greg highly enough. He ‘gets it’, as evidenced by his sharp, accurate insights.

Michael Fitzer – Filmmaker, 180 Degrees

Greg walks his talk and delivers razor-sharp insights.

Wes Rutledge – VP, Hilliard-Lyons

Greg wants us to “get it.” He wants us to understand the Universe as such an abundant place to live that most of our suffering is indeed optional. We don’t have to hurt nearly as much as we choose to. He reminds us of certain basics, universal principles that simply don’t change regardless of how they’re worded.

Michael Mack – Producer, Hollywood

How Changing 7 Words Can Change Your Life Book Cover

Speaking Engagements

Greg Kuhn with his hand up

Greg Kuhn is currently available for in-person appearances. 

Whether live in-person or live via Zoom, Greg makes your time together fun, uplifting, and enlightening.  There’s nobody quite like “The Law of Attraction Science Guy!”

Or as he sometimes jokingly refers to himself, “The World’s Most Regimented Mystic.”  

But find out for yourself. 

You already know from his books, blog, newsletter, and podcast, you won’t hear the same old things that everyone else says from Greg Kuhn!  Brimming with humor and wit, Greg’s accessible, yet profound, teachings are unique, original, and rooted in science.    

If Greg is talking about it, that means he’s doing it. 

Everything he shares has been quality-tested in the most rigorous proving ground available to Greg: his real life.  Greg spends his life Intentionally Manifesting his reality and only shares what actually works for him.

Include Greg in your next meeting or event. 

Have fun, laugh, and see and understand your reality differently.  Greg approaches each live appearance individually and from a teacher/learner perspective. 

Your time together will be focused on immediately useful new manifesting perspectives, habits, and techniques. 

 There’s almost nothing Greg enjoys more than helping you more intentionally manifest your reality.  By seeing and understanding it in new ways, more aligned with your desires. 

Greg is currently available for keynotes or group discussions about the following topics:

  • Align Your Beliefs with Your Desires: Change How You Set the Stage


  • Vibrationally Align Yourself Each Morning: Your Most Essential Foundation


  • Employ Positive Affirmations Correctly: Unleash Latent Power 


  • Manifest With a Non-Local, or Flow, State: Communicate Directly with the Quantum Field   


  • Soar With a Mount Rushmore of Manifesting: Use a Rising Tide to Manifest Your Desires
  • Stop Caring So Much About Opinions and Judgements; Stop Worrying About Pleasing Others 


  • Who and What You Are: How You Manifest Your Self


  • My Famous Penny Experiment: How to Authentically Celebrate Something Before It’s There


  • How You Manifest Your Reality and How to Change It 


  • Manifest Your Desires By Satisfying Your Critics: The Powerful Fuel of Accountability

Want to have a truly memorable event?

Contact Greg now to start the conversation.  

Let Greg know whether you’re interested in a live in-person or live Zoom event. 

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