Want to use a simple intentional manifesting technique that takes advantage of new paradigms from Quantum Physics?

And one that takes all the pressure off you, to manifest your desire?

Make a Mount Rushmore of Manifesting.  It’s not rocket science and it works like gangbusters!

This Technique is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4)

First: Select your the desire you want to manifest using broad terminology.

For example: rather than selecting “Manifest a soulmate” as your desire – select “Manifest a loving relationship.”

Or rather than selecting “Manifest  $1,000,000” as your desire – select “Manifest wealth.”

Or rather than selecting “Manifest a beach body” as your desire – select “Manifest fitness.”

Second: Decide on 4 primary ways that you will manifest, or experience, your desire.

To manifest “Wealth”, for example, you might select:

  1. Money/Income
  2. Valuable Skills/Expertise
  3. Professional Promotion/Increased Opportunities and Responsibilities
  4. Partnerships with Leaders in Your Field

Third: Learn the form, or best practices and success habits, of those successfully manifesting those four experiences as you desire.  Seek the guidance of a mentor or coach here – someone you trust and who is as successful as you want to be.

Fourth: Give your best effort, for at least 150 minutes a week, to follow form, to perform those best practices and success habits.  Make their form your form, to the best of your ability.

None is More (or Less) Important Than the Other Three

The key to your Mount Rushmore of Manifesting is that none of the four ways you’ve chosen to experience your desire is more important than the other three.  They all get your best efforts.

And none of the four ways you’ve chosen to experience your desire is less important than the other three.  You don’t get to write off, or scoff, at any of them just because they prove to be a bit more challenging for you.

All Your Boats Will Rise

Use this technique and watch your desire slowly manifest.  Using the power of a rising tide, which lifts every boat in the harbor, each of your four chosen methods of experiencing your desire empower the other three.

And, just as the Quantum Paradigm of Holism reveals, the system you’ve created will show emergent properties.  The whole will be much more than simply a sum of it’s parts!