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Know you want more out of life but not sure how to get it?

As humans, we’re always looking for ways to reach new levels of success in our lives. Whether it’s landing your dream job, reaching a place of financial freedom, attracting the love of your life, or improving your health, no matter how successful you become you will always desire more. Because your dreams grow as you manifest them.

The thing is, you might lack the tools needed to make the things you want in life happen – making you feel lost, unsatisfied, and “stuck.” But by harnessing the science-backed power of Intentional Manifesting, you can stop living in stagnation and open yourself up to a life of limitless possibilities.

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Do you find some parts of your life unfulfilling and more painful than necessary?

Do you intuitively know that more from life is possible?

Would you welcome better experiences in some of the most important areas of your life?

If you’re like most people, you would love to manifest and engage with better versions of reality that resolve the pain of living, especially in the most important parts of your life. Things like your health, love life, wealth, relationships, fitness, and family, which are at the core of the human experience.

In A Handbook for Those Already Born, Greg Kuhn teaches you how to do all that and more. Here you will learn to partner with the Quantum Field, or Universal Consciousness, to manifest any part of your life differently. Here you will truly become the architect of your reality and the CEO of your life.

Learn to collaborate with the Quantum Field and craft curriculums, 100% individualized to you, which allow you to manifest new versions of reality more aligned with your desires. Versions of reality where you can learn, grow, and change any part of your life you wish. And then learn to employ the Quantum Field as your essential partner as you make those changes.

Reality is painful enough, so don’t wait a moment longer! A life changing partnership with the Quantum Field is at hand and your life will never be that same again!

I’m super excited to announce my new Facebook Manifesting Group!

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I look forward to seeing you and meeting you!

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Please click the link above and join my new Facebook Manifesting Group today. I’m really looking forward to seeing you and meeting you!

They are creating their own destiny, and so can you

“I can’t recommend working with Greg highly enough. He ‘gets it’, as evidenced by his sharp, accurate insights. Don’t hesitate to let Greg inform and guide your journey!”

Michael Fitzer – Filmmaker, 180 Degrees

What is Intentional Manifesting?

Every human abides by three rules:

1. You manifest your own unique version of reality.  A version unique in form, function, meaning, and value.  So unique to you that it wouldn’t exist without you.

2. You cannot opt out of Rule #1.  If you didn’t manifest your own unique version of reality, there would be no reality for you!

3. You can choose how you manifest your reality.  You can manifest it by default, maintaining the status quo.  Or you can manifest your reality more intentionally, shaking up the status quo.

While Default Manifesting is a good choice when your reality pleases you, Intentional Manifesting is needed when it doesn’t.

Intentional Manifesting takes advantage of the way our universe really works because it is based on new paradigms from Quantum Physics. It allows you to transform any circumstance into an opportunity to manifest a reality more aligned with your true desires for it.

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How can Intentional Manifesting help me?


You’re already manifesting your reality every moment of every day

This is because your reality is always a reflection of your beliefs.

Sometimes, you’re carrying around beliefs which are incapable of manifesting a desire.

Intentional Manifesting helps you work with your subconscious mind, align your beliefs with your desires, and finally manifest your dreams.


You’ll soon see your dream life take shape in mind-blowing ways that’ll show you there are no coincidences.

When you understand the way our universe truly works and use manifestation techniques that adhere to new paradigms from Quantum Physics, you can flip an ancient principle and “See it when you believe it.”

Intentional Manifesting coach, Greg Kuhn is your guide and this website our arena to make it happen.


Manifest the Big Stuff is your hub for making it happen.

It’s time to get back in the driver’s seat of your own destiny through the incredible magic of Intention Manifesting.

Here you’ll find a wealth of Law of Attraction and manifestation resources to help you create the reality you truly desire, including podcasts, guides, coaching services, and books.

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by Greg Kuhn | Manifest the Big Stuff Podcast




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